Mission and Value

As plant-based dietitians, we strive to maximize your time and reap the rewards.

While plant-based nutrition is our focus, we respect your choices and won’t push a vegan lifestyle.All clients interested in plant-based nutrition are welcome, be it omnivore or vegan. Our goal is to assist you in achieving and maintaining your goals efficiently and effectively.

Our passion is aiding individuals in forming beneficial habits. Embracing a motivational, non-judgmental approach, we support habit changes tailored to you.


plant based foods
plant based foods
About the company

Meet Alyssa Fontaine, Founder & Plant-Based Dietitian

Background: Alyssa studied nutrition at McGill University, commencing her career in private practice in 2014. Her leadership of a team of 70 dietitians and completion of an MBA furthered her expertise in nutrition and customer service.

Company’s Start: During this time, Alyssa embraced a plant-based diet and noticed a market gap. There were no well-developed teams of plant-based dietitians offering online nutrition services specifically for vegetarian and plant-based clients. In 2019, she launched her online plant-based nutrition business and now works full-time with her Plant-Based Dietitian team.

Where We Are Now: The company has achieved remarkable success, rapidly expanding to an elite team of 8 Plant-Based Dietitians, becoming the largest group in the field.

Stay connected with Alyssa on social media for valuable information and speedy plant-based recipes: TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook: @alyssafontainerd

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Get to know our Plant-Based Dietitian Team!

Alyssa Fontaine

Canada Plant-Based Dietitian

Anick Vézina

Quebec & Ontario Plant-Based Dietitian

Antoine Beauchamp Lepage

Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia & Quebec - Plant-Based Dietitian

Ashely Fitzgerald

USA Plant-Based Dietitian

Avery Zenker

Ontario Plant-Based Dietitian

Gabrielle Chassé

Quebec Plant-Based Dietitian

Hannah Vogel

British Columbia Plant-Based Dietitian

Lisamarie Heldzinger

USA Plant-Based Dietitian

Jana Durgham

Ontario Plant-Based Dietitian

Lucy Luong

Alberta & Manitoba Plant-Based Dietitian
Plant-Based Nutrition

What we can help you with

Why work with us?

Discover the convenience of Zoom consultations for personalized support with your vegetarian, plant-based, or vegan diet needs.

Plant-Based Experts

We are a plant-based dietitian/nutritionist team, speaking from firsthand experience. As the leading team of plant-based dietitians, our expertise has evolved rapidly. Rely on our unmatched knowledge to support you.


Our specialized online services focus solely on vegetarian, plant-based, and vegan diets. With us, you’ll quickly connect with knowledgeable dietitians without transit time to an office.

Tailored to your needs

Discover the power of personalization with our tailored programs. Embracing your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle, we provide practical recommendations that will make a significant impact on your life.

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