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About Hannah Vogel, RD

  • Became vegetarian in 2008
  • Transitioned to vegan in 2013
  • Bachelor of Science – Dietetics (Honours)
  • Plant-Based Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
  • Focused on vegetarian/vegan/plant-based diets
  • Licensed to practice in BC: #2837
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How Hannah can help:

Hannah has undertaken advanced training in counselling and coaching for eating behaviour change to help clients learn proven nutrition strategies and improve their health.

She is passionate about helping clients put nutrition information into the context of their own lives, and develop long-term sustainable habits to meet their health goals all while embracing positive relationships with food.

Balanced Vegetarian/Vegan Diet: With her personal experience as a long-time vegetarian and vegan, Hannah understands the challenges and can provide a client-centered, nonjudgmental approach to help you transition or optimize your plant-based diet.

Sports Nutrition Optimization: Drawing from her personal interest in running and strength training, Hannah can offer valuable guidance to optimize your sports nutrition and improve your athletic performance.

Eating Disorder Support: Having completed a comprehensive one-year eating disorder course for dietitians, Hannah fully understands the importance of having a supportive dietitian on your team to help navigate and overcome disordered eating challenges.

Intuitive Eating Guidance: Hannah’s personal journey of reclaiming a healthy relationship with food gives her a passion for helping clients incorporate intuitive eating principles, break free from restrictive dieting, and find peace with food freedom.

Digestive Disorder Management: Through her specialized education on conditions such as IBS, IBD, celiac disease, GERD, and more, Hannah can assist clients with digestive concerns, providing strategies to manage symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Infant/Child/Family Nutrition Support: With her comprehensive pediatric nutrition training, Hannah is well-equipped to assist with issues like picky eating, baby-led weaning, and coaching parents to feel confident in nourishing their families.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Nutrition: Hannah can provide essential nutritional guidance to support your well-being and the optimal growth and development of your baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Chronic Condition Management: With experience as a clinical dietitian in a hospital and expertise in medical nutrition therapy, Hannah can help you manage chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and more, using a non-diet, weight-neutral approach.

plant based and vegan diet
plant based and vegan diet
Hannah's Story

What inspired Hannah to become a dietitian & plant based

Motivation to become a dietitian:

I’ve been a nutrition nerd for as long as I can remember, and I’ve wanted to become an RD ever since I first learned about the career many years ago! Being a dietitian is the perfect way to unite my passions for food, nutrition, science, and helping people achieve their goals.

Motivation to become plant-based:

The benefits of this diet are seemingly infinite! For me, the plant-based trifecta is:

1. Compassion – once I understood the ethical implications of eating animals, and that you could thrive without them, choosing to fill my plate with delicious plant-based foods instead was the clearest choice for me.

2. Sustainability – eating mostly plants has a much gentler environmental impact than resource-intensive animal agriculture.

3. Health – there is an abundance of literature outlining the benefits a diverse, well-planned plant-centred diet has on our health, including reducing the risk of many chronic diseases.

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Plant-based nutrition consultations

Hannah's Areas of Expertise

plant based meal plan

Meal Plans

A plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can offer a customized vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based plan based on your preferences and goals.

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vegan diet

Balanced Vegan Diet

A plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can assess your vegan diet and provide you with tailored recommendations.

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vegetarian nutrition

Balanced Vegetarian Diet

Learn how to balance your vegetarian diet and feel better with the help of a vegetarian nutritionist.

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vegan eating disorder

Eating Disorder

Overcome your eating disorder, regain energy and confidence by seeking advice on eating disorders from a registered dietitian.

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vegan intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating

Improve your relationship with food and find food freedom by applying the principles of intuitive eating in your life.

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plant based digestive issues

Digestive Issues

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan meal plan for you that addresses your digestive issues!

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IBS vegan lowfodmap


Get a dietitian to create a vegan IBS meal plan. Get rid of your digestive issues and improve your quality of life!

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vegan pregnancy

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Get a personalized plant-based pregnancy & lactation meal plan & program from a Registered Dietitian

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vegan sports nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan sports nutrition plan for you!

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plant based vegan

Plant-Based Bodybuilding

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan bodybuilding plan for you.

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plant based vegan diabetes


Get support with your plant-based diet to manage diabetes and feel your best!

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plant based vegan anti inflammatory


Reduce inflammation in your body with the help of a well balanced plant-based diet!

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plant based vegan PCOS


Get a personalized plant-based PCOS meal plan & program from a Registered Dietitian

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child vegan nutrition


Want to make sure your child gets everything they need? A plant-based nutritionist can help you along the way.

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plant based inflammatory conditions

Inflammatory conditions

Consult a plant-based dietitian to develop a customized vegetarian or vegan nutrition plan tailored for inflammatory conditions

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plant based menopause


Seek a plant-based dietitian’s help for managing all phases and challenges of menopause

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plant based weight gain

Weight Gain

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan weight gain plan for you!

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whole food plant based diet

Balanced whole food plant based

A whole food plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can evaluate your whole food plant-based diet and offer you customized advice.

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plant based high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure

Consult a plant-based dietitian for assistance in handling all stages and complexities of high blood pressure management

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plant based menopause

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

Seek a plant-based dietitian’s help for preventing and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiency.

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FAQ with Hannah

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