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  • Vegan since 2015
  • Speaks French and English and is located in Quebec
  • Offers online consultations across Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia & Quebec
  • Provides insurance receipts at the end of each meeting for dietitian and nutritionist services
  • See Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia & Alberta dietitian/nutritionist license numbers in the FAQ section
  • Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences
  • Plant-Based Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
  • Focused on vegetarian/vegan/plant-based diets
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Relatable Insight that connects me to other services:

Weight Loss: Accurate: Achieving weight loss requires dedication and time. Incorrect: Veganism doesn’t guarantee weight loss. Antoine approaches weight management with understanding, transforming clients’ diets into a fuel source rather than a source of guilt. Whether your aim is weight loss, Antoine will assist you in redirecting your focus, establishing constructive objectives, and relishing the journey alongside the outcomes.

Balanced Diet: From the age of 7, Antoine has been inclining towards incorporating fruits and vegetables into his meals. Leveraging his knowledge in both cooking and nutrition, he skillfully combines scientific principles with flavorful elements, embracing the concept of “fun food.” Whether your goal is to realign your diet, make a healthy transition, or improve overall well-being while increasing energy levels, Antoine illustrates that a diet can be both pleasurable and advantageous.

Sports Nutrition: Antoine’s passion for sports nutrition propels his career as a nutritionist and coach. With a background in volleyball, parkour, and obstacle course racing, he understands the challenges and joys of sports. Specializing in sports nutrition, he helps clients achieve fitness, Iron Man, or peak performance in team sports.

IBS & Digestive Problems: Antoine contemplates the saying “Ah, if youth only knew…” in relation to digestive issues, acknowledging the shift in body tolerance that comes with age. As a seasoned nutritionist specializing in conditions such as celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease, Antoine extends valuable support. Understanding the difficulties faced, he equips individuals with tools to cultivate a positive mindset towards nutrition and alleviate the sense of constraint often associated with these conditions.

Eating Disorders: Leveraging personal experiences, Antoine acknowledges the profound impact of the environment on shaping dietary choices. His ongoing journey has afforded him insights into the challenges of self-improvement. Guided by intuitive eating principles, Antoine assists others in cultivating a harmonious relationship with food, recognizing it as a crucial element of overall happiness.

Toddler/Children/Adolescent Nutrition: In his role as a father, Antoine identified a demand for specialized nutritionists in the realm of pediatric nutrition. Motivated by his experience raising a vegan 7-year-old daughter, he now extends guidance to children, covering the spectrum from pregnancy to young athletes, offering personalized nutritional advice. Whether you already have or are planning to start a family, Antoine is equipped to provide tools for nurturing your child’s optimal development through focused attention on nutrition.

plant based vegan vegetarian diet
plant based vegan vegetarian diet
Antoine's Story

What inspired Antoine to become a Dietitian & Plant based

Motivation to become a Dietitian:

After working in the restaurant and fitness industries for a while, I questioned what else I could do to benefit those around me. Since nutrition allowed me to combine my two interests in food and wellbeing, it was the perfect solution.

I wanted to become a nutritionist because I wanted to make a difference, but I also needed to show that it was possible to eat well without giving up the enjoyment of food.

Motivation to become Plant-Based:

Being vegan, like being a vegetarian, has enabled me to achieve and maintain a level of well-being that I wish for everyone, whether it be for the benefit of the body, the planet, the mind, or even the wallet.

Do you know anything more diverse than the plant kingdom? Diversity is also one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet.

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Antoine's Areas of Expertise

plant based menopause

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

Seek a plant-based dietitian’s help for preventing and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiency.

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plant based meal plan

Meal Plans

A plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can offer a customized vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based plan based on your preferences and goals.

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vegan diet

Balanced Vegan Diet

A plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can assess your vegan diet and provide you with tailored recommendations.

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vegetarian nutrition

Balanced Vegetarian Diet

Learn how to balance your vegetarian diet and feel better with the help of a vegetarian nutritionist.

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whole food plant based diet

Balanced whole food plant based

A whole food plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can evaluate your whole food plant-based diet and offer you customized advice.

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plant based weight loss

Weight Loss

Get a personalized vegan weight loss program and recommendations that will get you the best results!

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plant based weight gain

Weight Gain

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan weight gain plan for you!

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plant based digestive issues

Digestive Issues

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan meal plan for you that addresses your digestive issues!

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child vegan nutrition


Want to make sure your child gets everything they need? A plant-based nutritionist can help you along the way.

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vegan sports nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan sports nutrition plan for you!

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plant based vegan

Plant-Based Bodybuilding

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan bodybuilding plan for you.

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IBS vegan lowfodmap


Get a dietitian to create a vegan IBS meal plan. Get rid of your digestive issues and improve your quality of life!

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plant based vegan anti inflammatory


Reduce inflammation in your body with the help of a well balanced plant-based diet!

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plant based vegan diabetes


Get support with your plant-based diet to manage diabetes and feel your best!

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plant based vegan PCOS


Get a personalized plant-based PCOS meal plan & program from a Registered Dietitian

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plant based inflammatory conditions

Inflammatory conditions

Consult a plant-based dietitian to develop a customized vegetarian or vegan nutrition plan tailored for inflammatory conditions

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vegan pregnancy

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Get a personalized plant-based pregnancy & lactation meal plan & program from a Registered Dietitian

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plant based menopause


Seek a plant-based dietitian’s help for managing all phases and challenges of menopause

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vegan intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating

Improve your relationship with food and find food freedom by applying the principles of intuitive eating in your life.

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vegan eating disorder

Eating Disorder

Overcome your eating disorder, regain energy and confidence by seeking advice on eating disorders from a registered dietitian.

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plant based high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure

Consult a plant-based dietitian for assistance in handling all stages and complexities of high blood pressure management

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Pediatric Nutrition

Antoine possesses deep insight into the diverse needs of your child and the challenges of managing family responsibilities amidst time pressures, particularly when it involves preparing meals that resonate with your child. Drawing on his direct interactions with children, dedication to a vegan lifestyle, and proficiency in nutrition, Antoine equips you with practical resources for organizing family meals efficiently.

With our collaborative efforts, we can guarantee that each family member receives vital nutrients for their development, while also turning mealtime into a delightful occasion!

Sport Nutrition Expertise

Utilizing his personal training background, Antoine is committed to enhancing his knowledge in sports nutrition, ensuring that each meal not only delivers vital nutrients but also optimizes your performance. Through attending frequent webinars and engaging in diverse learning opportunities, he strives to offer the most current and reliable information available.

With Antoine’s contemporary expertise and hands-on experience, you can rely on receiving customized advice and impactful strategies to elevate your athletic pursuits!

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