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Find a skilled Plant-based Dietitian right in North Carolina that offers catered and personalized guidance for your plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan diets

Why work with us

Promote and enhance your nutrition through an individualized plan that meets your needs, and will help you find a sustainable lifestyle filled with nourishment! our North Carolina Plant-Based Dietitian and Nutritionist is motivated to understand your unique needs.

Understanding your Current Diet

Our vegan dietitian has the skills to break down your current lifestyle and dietary habits in order to provide a detailed guidance and set of recommendations to align with your goals. Learn how your plate and habits can help you in your day-to-day and future through a plant-based powered focus!

Achieve you Goals

Our vegan RD for North Carolina will be able to provide insight through personal experience with a plant-based lifestyle that will help you quickly find nutritional balance, so your time and energy may be directed towards reaching your health goals!

Get Support and Gain Confidence

We understand the complex nature of a plant-based lifestyle, and as Plant-Based Nutritionists, we promote breaking down these barriers and aim to help you gain confidence in your own dietary choices to enhance your overall well-being.

Our Online North Carolina Dietitian/Nutrition Services

How we can help:

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North Carolina Plant-Based Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

Clara Iuliano

USA Plant-Based Dietitian
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Initial Prices

Initial Assessment (1h)


  • Setting expectations & goals
  • Analysis of your medical history (required)
  • Analysis of intake
  • Building a strategy
  • Practical tips, recommendations & recipes
  • Answering any questions
  • Personalized meal plan or menu
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Initial Assessment + Meal Plan (2hrs)


  • Setting expectations & goals
  • Analysis of your medical history (required)
  • Analysis of intake
  • Building a strategy
  • Practical tips, recommendations & recipes
  • Answering any questions
  • Personalized meal plan or menu
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Packages (2hrs+)


  • Customizable Packages
  • Package can be determined in initial assessment
  • Hours and half-hours available
  • 5% discount on 4 sessions
  • 10% discount on 8 sessions
  • 15% discount on 12 sessions
  • 20% discount on 16 sessions
  • Payment plan available
  • Sessions expire within a year
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After the initial assessment

Follow up prices

Follow ups (1h)


Identify what needs modification

Meal plan creation or adjustment

New subjects – See service pages

Set goals for the coming week(s)

Follow ups (30 min)


Identify what needs modification

Meal plan adjustments

New subjects – See service pages

Set goals for the coming week(s)

How it works

The process is simple

There are two ways to get started:

  • Option 1 – Direct booking: Review the biographies, services, and pricing/packages. Access the schedule by clicking on the link below and book directly with your plant-based dietitian/nutritionist.
  • Option 2 – Discovery call: Book a 5-20 min free discovery call (phone or Zoom) with your Plant-Based dietitian. They will answer your questions and get you started on your journey.
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Our process is simple!

Are you ready to get started?

Getting started:

  • Option 1 – Book your Initial Consultation: Check out the services, fees/packages, and pick open times to reserve a spot.
  • Option 2 – Book a Free Discovery Call: Choose a complimentary 20-minute call (phone or Zoom) with our Georgia plant-based nutritionist to get your questions answered and start your journey.
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Our Go-To Vegan and Plant-Based Eats in Seattle, Washington

Fern Flavors

A diverse vegan eatery with a constantly evolving menu that blends various influences, featuring options such as buffalo cauliflower, salads, sandwiches, risotto, chimichanga, pasta, Buddha bowls, desserts, as well as offering organic and bio-dynamic wines and beers sourced from local breweries.

Address: 1419 East Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 28204

Earth To Us

Offers vegan comfort foods with a blend of American and Latin inspirations, presenting dishes like empanadas, chaufa fried rice, buffalo chick’n burger, nachos, fried plantains, and the impossible, among other delectable options.

Address: 2893 Jones Franklin Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 27606

Coco Bistro & Bar

A fully vegan coffee shop during breakfast and lunch, it evolves into a plant-based restaurant and bar in the evening. Featuring outdoor patios and a spacious indoor/outdoor area with expansive windows, it offers a delightful setting across from a nearby park.

Address: 101 Glen Lennox Dr Ste 180 (at Hayes Rd), Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, 27517


Events and Resources Related to Veganism in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte VegFets

This free event showcases diverse vegan foods, local veg restaurants, food trucks, vendors, live music, speakers, nutritional experts, cooking demonstrations, and offers free prizes, gift bags, and more!

Ramen Cooking: Vegan and Vegetarian Edition

Discover the art of crafting noodles and broth, complemented by seasonal accompaniments, under the guidance of chef Gloria. A unique and nourishing experience to inspire your next home vegan meal!

Voilà Vegan

Come together to commemorate International Vegan Cuisine Month by delving into vegan facts and enjoying entirely plant-based snacks! Explore the possibility of finding some of your favorites listed as “accidentally vegan” by stopping by the Loft to discover more.

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