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About Ashley Fitzgerald, RDN

Ashley has been Plant-Based since 2012

  • Master’s degree in Dietetics from Eastern Michigan University
  • Plant-Based registered dietitian and nutritionist
  • License to practice as a registered dietitian in
    • Maryland: DX5078
    • Ohio: LD10159
    • Texas: DT89135
    • Washington: DI 61434283
  • She is not a licensed registered dietitian in the following states but can provide virtual Zoom sessions as a nutrition expert in these states that do not have “practice exclusivity” dietitian regulations: Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, California, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and Arizona.
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how to balance your vegan meals
how to balance your vegan meals
Ashley's Story

What inspired Ashley to become a Dietitian & Plant based

“When I discovered how much food can affect our health and how it can be used to treat and prevent disease, I developed a strong interest in nutrition. I was certain that I wanted to educate others about this connection and show them how to eat more plants while consuming a variety of foods that will make them feel their best.”

“I am plant-based for my health, the animals, and the planet. I want to feel my best, show compassion to all living beings, and care for the future of our planet. By choosing a plant-based diet, I have the power to make an impact in all three of these areas, and that is highly valuable to me.”

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