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About Clara Iuliano, Vegan RDN

Clara has been vegetarian since she was 14, and almost entirely vegan since 19 (some Dutch baked goods slip into her routine at times!)

  • Hoge School Nijmegen, Netherlands. Course Work in Foods and Dietetics, 1995-1998
  • Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA. Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, 1998-2000
  • Dietetic Internship Huguley Memorial Hospital, Fort Worth, TX, 2000
  • 6/01 Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management level II, 2010 
  • Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management level I, 2002
  • Worked under Dr Cheryl Bothwell and late James Peters MD in a lifestyle medicine practice
  • The Menopause Society Certified Practitioner in progress 
  • Continuing education in motivational interviewing, hormone health, and blood sugar management
  • Recorded Total Vegetarian Cooking segments for Satellite Network
  • Produced a total vegetarian cooking DVD, 2010
  • Held total vegetarian cooking classes with >100 in attendance
  • Licensed to practice as a Dietitian and Nutritionist in:
  • States where Clara can also practice as a registered dietitian
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Michigan
    • New Jersey
    • Virginia
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Details About Clara’s Experience and Knowledge:

Weight Loss: Drawing from over 20 years of experience of being in the nutrition field and a proven track record for lasting weight loss with her clients, Clara works with where you are currently and coach/teach how to use your nutrition as a key tool in achieving your weight loss goals while maintaining your sanity and health. 

Balanced Nutrition: While the principles of  balanced nutrition are the same, how it applies in your life is unique to you. Clara has been plant based through many phases in her own life and this combined with her nutrition expertise, she is able to guide you in your desire to optimize the power of plants while keeping it practical, tasty and relevant to you. 

Sports Nutrition: Clara knows from personal experience (she ran 3 half marathons so far) that when correctly fueled (yes as vegetarian or vegan) and with proper training, your body can achieve amazing results. 

IBS and Digestive Problems: Digestion is such an important part in nourishing our body. Finding some of the root causes of digestive disorders is where the real healing can start. Clara’s goal is to look for the root cause while also bringing relief all while maintaining your plant focused diet. 

Pregnancy: Providing the proper nutrition support for you and your baby is paramount in pregnancy. Clara will guide you so that you can be confident and maintain your plant based diet while also growing a baby and getting ready to hold it in your arms.

Toddler/Child/Adolescent Nutrition: Personally, Clara has raised a child through all these stages of life and can speak from practical experience as well as giving you the tools and support using her nutrition science training so that you can be assured that all the needed nutrition is available in these crucial stages of growth and development. 

Intuitive Eating: Clara guides you along this process to be able to nourish the body and improve the mind food relationship so you can experience the freedom of intuitive eating. 

Midlife/Peri and Menopause: Clara has specialized in this area. She coaches/teaches her clients how to shift their plant focused eating so that it will serve their changed metabolism, their changed gut biome, conquer stubborn weight, promote improved blood sugar balance and  reduce inflammation.

how to balance your vegan meals
how to balance your vegan meals
Clara's Story

Clara's Inspiration to Become a Dietitian and Adopt a Plant-Forward Lifestyle

“Reason I became a vegetarian is that my mother was diagnosed with metastasized cancer when I was 14. There wasn’t much hope that conventional medicine offered for her and so she worked with a natural doctor from Germany and my mother changed her lifestyle to vegetarian, frequent juicing, supplements, and trust in God. She lived another great, 13 years. It inspired me to want to know more about the power of food and it prompted me to study nutrition. Besides that I also was fascinated with all the weight loss diets that I saw family members go off and on.”

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FAQ With Clara

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your registration number as an RDN?

    License to practice as a Registered Dietitian in:

      • Pennsylvania: DN002820
      • Tennessee: LDN000003723
      • North Carolina: L006590
      • Georgia: LD006617
      • Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR): 923648

    I can practice in some other states as a Plant-Based Nutrition Expert.

  • Are you part of the blue cross network?

    I am presently in the midst of this process, and currently, I am not affiliated with the Blue Cross network. Our consultations would fall under the category of “out-of-network services” during this period.

  • Can you create a super bill for me?

    Yes, certainly. I will generate that at the conclusion of each session and provide you with the required paperwork. I can prepare a superbill for Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and CDR!

  • What state are you allowed to practice as a RDN?

    Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia, though I can also practice in certain states as a Nutrition Expert. Feel free to book a discovery call with me to learn a little more if you are still unsure.

  • What are your availabilities?

    I do online consultations from Monday to Friday, I do morning, day & evening depending on the day. Please see my direct booking link.

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