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About Linzy Peterson, RDN

Linzy has been vegan since 2008

  • Became vegetarian in 2006
  • Transitioned to vegan in 2008
  • Bachelor of Science – Dietetics in 2014
  • Plant-Based Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
  • Focused on vegetarian/vegan/plant-based diets
  • CDR: 86084652
  • License to practice
    Oregon: LD-D-10222564
    Texas: DT87978

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Insights on Linzy’s Experience and Knowledge:

Vegetarian or Vegan Weight Loss: Linzy has extensive practice working with individuals on their weight loss goals. With experience as a bariatric and weight management dietitian, she can help guide individuals through their weight loss journey and find what is sustainable for them to maintain a healthy weight.

Balanced Vegetarian or Vegan Diet: Linzy has many years of personal experience with being vegetarian and then transitioning to vegan. Additionally, she has worked with numerous individuals to help them transition to vegan or vegetarian, or to just incorporate more plants in their diet. She is adept at assisting others with additional dietary preferences; for example, weight loss while being vegan, or managing diabetes while following a vegetarian diet.

Sports Nutrition: Being an endurance athlete, Linzy understands the importance of fueling the body appropriately, whether you are trying to run a marathon, become a stronger lifter, recover from an injury, or just want to move the body.

Eating Disorder Recovery: Having personally struggled with disordered eating, Linzy has successfully helped others navigate their own challenges with food. She understands the complexity of eating disorders but strives to assist others in finding a more positive relationship with food.

Intuitive Eating: Linzy understands the difficulty navigating our internal hunger and fullness cues, especially while living in a society that emphasizes external cues. Using the Intuitive Eating framework, she can guide others to finding a positive relationship with food for themselves, their children, family members, or friends.

Chronic Condition Management: Because diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, and heart disease are prevalent, Linzy encounters people daily who are newly diagnosed, are trying to manage their condition, or are wanting to make changes to improve their condition. With years as a weight loss and bariatric dietitian in a clinical setting, she can provide knowledge and guide people to an improved quality of life.

how to balance your vegan meals
how to balance your vegan meals
Linzy's Story

What Inspired Linzy to Become a Dietitian and Plant Based

Motivation to Become a Dietitian:

My interest in pursuing a career in nutrition arose when I was young. When I was a little girl, my grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes. I observed her dramatic lifestyle changes, mainly with a change in what she was eating. I was fascinated as I saw firsthand that what we eat can impact our overall health. My grandmother is still thriving today at 85 years old.

My motivation for being a dietitian is reinforced every day as I help others achieve their own goals. I love connecting with people, working as a team to find their own motivation, and then witnessing their success. 

Motivation to Become Plant Based:

When I was young, we did not eat a lot of meat in our household. I became vegetarian out of curiosity during my last year of high school. As I became educated on sustainability, as well as because of an endless love for all creatures, I decided to transition to veganism less than two years later. 

I have been vegan for almost 16 years because I experienced the physical, emotional, and social benefits. I never force dietary changes on anyone, but, when a person is ready to become vegan, vegetarian, or just include more plants in their diet, I am always willing to be a guide

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