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About Lisamarie, RDN

Lisamarie has been Plant-Based since 2014

  • Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Tennessee.
  • Plant-Based registered dietitian and nutritionist.
  • Lisamarie is registered as a dietitian and nutritionist in the states of Florida, North Dakota, Tennessee, and New York.
  • Other states in which Lisamarie can practice as a registered dietitian:
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Michigan
    • New Jersey
    • Virginia
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The experience and knowledge that connects Lisamarie to you:

Weight Loss: Lisamarie, drawing from personal experience, serves as a guide for individuals embarking on plant-based weight loss journeys. In her full-time commitment, she is devoted to ensuring the success of those following a plant-based diet, addressing and supporting positive food-related behaviors. Her dedication lies in helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals while maintaining a plant-based lifestyle.

Balanaced DietLisamarie, leveraging her expertise as a vegan, offers practical tools to facilitate the transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Additionally, she provides guidance to optimize existing dietary choices, ensuring individuals can make informed and sustainable decisions in alignment with their plant-based preferences.

Sports Nutrition: Lisamarie’s fervor for sports nutrition, coupled with her active lifestyle, has resulted in specialized knowledge in the field. Her comprehensive education, which includes earning the International Olympic Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Australia, serves as a source of inspiration for her expertise in guiding individuals towards optimal nutrition for athletic performance.

Eating Disorders: In her role as an eating disorder dietitian, Lisamarie brings substantial experience to the table, aiding individuals in overcoming a spectrum of eating disorders. Her non-judgmental and supportive approach is underpinned by her completion of the comprehensive course ‘Eating Disorder for Registered Dietitians,’ enhancing her skills and knowledge in effectively addressing and supporting those dealing with eating disorders.

IBS & Digestive Problems: Lisamarie excels in pinpointing the underlying causes of digestive disorders, effectively alleviating symptoms, and enhancing the overall quality of life for individuals grappling with such issues. Her expertise lies in providing comprehensive support to address the root causes and improve the well-being of those affected by digestive disorders.

Pregnancy & Lactation: Lisamarie offers valuable support in ensuring proper nutrition for both you and your child throughout the stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Her expertise encompasses guiding individuals through these crucial periods, providing personalized nutritional advice to optimize the health and well-being of both the expecting mother and the child.

Toddler/Child/Adolescent Nutrition: Lisamarie’s extensive knowledge in this domain streamlines nutrition-related concerns and provides valuable guidance for infants, children, and families. Her comprehensive expertise enables her to offer practical and insightful advice to support the nutritional needs of individuals at different stages of life, fostering a healthier lifestyle for families under her care.

Intuitive Eating: Lisamarie, a vegan dietitian, has adeptly mastered the principles of intuitive eating. Her expertise is geared towards supporting individuals in achieving food freedom and fostering a healthier relationship with food. Through her guidance, she empowers clients to develop a mindful and intuitive approach to eating that aligns with their personal values and promotes overall well-being.

how to have a vegan diet
how to have a vegan diet
Lisamarie's Story

What inspired Lisamarie to become a Dietitian & Plant based

“I’ve always been interested in medicine, and my upbringing emphasised the value of preventative medicine. I first became aware of the link between nutrition and disease when I was a nursing student. I stumbled upon dietetics in 2016 and have been in love with this field ever since.

I adore how nutrition affects both our physical and mental health. I adore how cooking in the kitchen or dining together brings people together. And discovering new cultures through their distinct culinary traditions is thrilling.

I firmly believe that the most significant factor affecting our health and directly affecting our quality of life is nutrition.

My life’s purpose and passion is now nutrition. I enjoy assisting individuals like you on your path to long-term wellness and holistic health.

I follow a plant-based diet for the sake of the environment, my long life, and my opposition to animal abuse. I follow a plant-based diet because it is consistent with my moral principles.”

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Plant-based nutrition consultations

Lisamarie's Areas of Expertise

plant based meal plan

Meal Plans

A plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can offer a customized vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based plan based on your preferences and goals.

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vegan diet

Balanced Vegan Diet

A plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can assess your vegan diet and provide you with tailored recommendations.

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vegetarian nutrition

Balanced Vegetarian Diet

Learn how to balance your vegetarian diet and feel better with the help of a vegetarian nutritionist.

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vegan sports nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan sports nutrition plan for you!

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plant based weight loss

Weight Loss

Get a personalized vegan weight loss program and recommendations that will get you the best results!

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plant based vegan

Plant-Based Bodybuilding

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan bodybuilding plan for you.

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IBS vegan lowfodmap


Get a dietitian to create a vegan IBS meal plan. Get rid of your digestive issues and improve your quality of life!

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plant based vegan anti inflammatory


Reduce inflammation in your body with the help of a well balanced plant-based diet!

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vegan intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating

Improve your relationship with food and find food freedom by applying the principles of intuitive eating in your life.

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plant based vegan diabetes


Get support with your plant-based diet to manage diabetes and feel your best!

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vegan eating disorder

Eating Disorder

Overcome your eating disorder, regain energy and confidence by seeking advice on eating disorders from a registered dietitian.

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plant based digestive issues

Digestive Issues

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan meal plan for you that addresses your digestive issues!

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plant based inflammatory conditions

Inflammatory conditions

Consult a plant-based dietitian to develop a customized vegetarian or vegan nutrition plan tailored for inflammatory conditions

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plant based menopause


Seek a plant-based dietitian’s help for managing all phases and challenges of menopause

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plant based vegan PCOS


Get a personalized plant-based PCOS meal plan & program from a Registered Dietitian

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plant based weight gain

Weight Gain

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan weight gain plan for you!

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child vegan nutrition


Want to make sure your child gets everything they need? A plant-based nutritionist can help you along the way.

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vegan pregnancy

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Get a personalized plant-based pregnancy & lactation meal plan & program from a Registered Dietitian

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whole food plant based diet

Balanced whole food plant based

A whole food plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can evaluate your whole food plant-based diet and offer you customized advice.

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plant based menopause

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

Seek a plant-based dietitian’s help for preventing and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiency.

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How Lisamarie Has Impacted Her Clients


FAQ with Lisamarie

Frequently asked questions

  • What is your registration number as an RDN?

    My license for Tennessee is: #4413 (Tennessee Board of Dietitian/Nutritionist Examiners)

    My license for Florida is: #11763 (The Dietetics and Nutrition Practice Council of Florida License)

    My license for New York is: #011481 (The University of the State of New York)

    My license for North Dakota is: #1528 ( North Dakota Board of Dietetic Practice)

    She is not a licensed registered dietitian in the following states but can provide virtual Zoom sessions as a nutrition expert in these states that do not have “practice exclusivity” dietitian regulations: Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, California, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and Arizona.

    Dietitians, nutritionists & nutrition experts regulations change quickly, please contact us for more information.

  • Are you part of the blue cross network?

    I am currently undergoing this process. At this time I am not part of the blue cross network. Our consultations together would be call  “out of network services”

  • Can you create a super bill for me?

    Yes, I can, I will create that at the end of every session and give you the necessary paperwork. A dietitian super bill will be created for the state of New York, North Dakota, Florida and Tennessee.

  • Where are you physically located?

    I am located in Tennessee but my clients are across the United States.

  • What are your availabilities?

    Please see the direct booking link to see my upcoming availability for the initial session.

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