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About Anick Vézina, RD


  • She offers online consultations across Quebec & Ontario
  • Licensed to practice in Quebec & Ontario
  • See Ontario and Quebec dietitian/nutritionist license numbers in the FAQ section
  • Provides insurance receipts at the end of each meeting for dietitian and nutritionist services
  • Speaks French and English and is located in Quebec.
  • Became vegan in 2018
  • Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences – University of Ottawa
  • Plant-Based Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
  • Focused on vegetarian/vegan/plant-based diets
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Insights into past and present experience:

Weight Loss: Since the inception of her career, Anick has specialized in weight management. Firmly believing in the significance of healthy eating habits for success, she advocates for an approach that prioritizes the development of sustainable habits and psychological support. This approach aims to assist each individual in making progress toward their weight management goals.

Balanced Diet: Motivated by ethical considerations, Anick embraced a vegan lifestyle and promptly recognized its contribution to a healthier diet. Throughout this transition, she naturally cultivated positive eating habits. Driven by a passion for guiding others in adopting a vegan diet, Anick genuinely believes in its benefits for preventing various diseases.

Sports Nutrition: Anick, a specialist in enhancing sports performance, is dedicated to helping individuals push their limits, whether they are amateurs or high-level athletes. Outside of her professional endeavors, she is deeply passionate about a variety of sports, including running, hiking, weightlifting, skiing, and mountain biking. Anick’s love for exploring new disciplines and keeping her body in motion reflects her commitment to an active and well-rounded lifestyle.

Eating Disorders: Anick triumphed over an eating disorder prior to pursuing her studies in nutrition at university. Harnessing strength from her personal journey, she dedicates herself to working extensively with clients who are grappling with eating disorders. Her aim is to assist them in enhancing their relationship with food, drawing from the resilience and personal growth that she herself achieved.

IBS & Digestive Problems: Anick has undergone thorough training in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and consistently provides guidance to numerous clients in overcoming digestive issues. Her wealth of experience extends to effectively managing various food intolerances and allergies, showcasing her expertise in addressing a diverse range of dietary challenges.

Pregnancy & Lactation: Since becoming a part of Plant-Based Dietitians, Anick has devoted herself to supporting pregnant women and those planning to conceive, ensuring an optimal pregnancy within the context of a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet. Her commitment lies in providing specialized guidance and nutritional support to promote the well-being of both mother and child during this crucial period.

Toddler/Child/Adolescent NutritionAnick possesses considerable experience working within the family-parent-child dynamic and providing one-on-one support to adolescents. Her professional development includes training and internships in pediatrics, augmenting her skills to effectively assist this specific clientele. This background equips her with valuable insights and expertise in addressing the unique needs and challenges of families and adolescents.

Intuitive Eating: In her own life, Anick embraces the principles of intuitive eating, experiencing a notable improvement in her relationship with food. This approach has elevated her understanding to a higher level, and she consistently imparts these insights to her clients. By sharing these principles, Anick empowers her clients to reach new heights in their own relationships with food, fostering a healthier and more mindful approach to eating.

plant based nutrition
plant based nutrition
Anick's Story

What inspired Anick to become a Dietitian & Plant based

Motivation to become a Dietitian:

The science of nutrition is still developing. There is always something to investigate and fresh inquiries to address. My interest in the health sciences has always been strong. I was persuaded that I could provide assistance to those in need to the best of my ability because of the fundamental role that nutrition plays in the prevention of diseases of all kinds.

Motivation to become a Plant-Based:

My original reason for switching to a plant-based diet was for animals. After 4 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that adopting a plant-based diet is more than just a phase or way to start eating differently. It’s a journey where you discover a lot more information than you anticipated.

My understanding of what it means to have compassion for our fellow animals, the environment, as well as for ourselves and others has improved as a result of switching to a plant-based diet and living a fully vegan lifestyle.

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Plant-based nutrition consultations

Anick's Areas of Expertise

plant based meal plan

Meal Plans

A plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can offer a customized vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based plan based on your preferences and goals.

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vegan diet

Balanced Vegan Diet

A plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can assess your vegan diet and provide you with tailored recommendations.

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vegetarian nutrition

Balanced Vegetarian Diet

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plant based weight loss

Weight Loss

Get a personalized vegan weight loss program and recommendations that will get you the best results!

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child vegan nutrition


Want to make sure your child gets everything they need? A plant-based nutritionist can help you along the way.

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vegan eating disorder

Eating Disorder

Overcome your eating disorder, regain energy and confidence by seeking advice on eating disorders from a registered dietitian.

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IBS vegan lowfodmap


Get a dietitian to create a vegan IBS meal plan. Get rid of your digestive issues and improve your quality of life!

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vegan sports nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan sports nutrition plan for you!

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vegan intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating

Improve your relationship with food and find food freedom by applying the principles of intuitive eating in your life.

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vegan pregnancy

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Get a personalized plant-based pregnancy & lactation meal plan & program from a Registered Dietitian

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plant based vegan anti inflammatory


Reduce inflammation in your body with the help of a well balanced plant-based diet!

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plant based vegan

Plant-Based Bodybuilding

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan bodybuilding plan for you.

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plant based vegan diabetes


Get support with your plant-based diet to manage diabetes and feel your best!

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plant based vegan PCOS


Get a personalized plant-based PCOS meal plan & program from a Registered Dietitian

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plant based digestive issues

Digestive Issues

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan meal plan for you that addresses your digestive issues!

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plant based inflammatory conditions

Inflammatory conditions

Consult a plant-based dietitian to develop a customized vegetarian or vegan nutrition plan tailored for inflammatory conditions

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plant based menopause


Seek a plant-based dietitian’s help for managing all phases and challenges of menopause

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plant based weight gain

Weight Gain

Get a plant-based dietitian to create a customized vegetarian or vegan weight gain plan for you!

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whole food plant based diet

Balanced whole food plant based

A whole food plant-based dietitian/nutritionist can evaluate your whole food plant-based diet and offer you customized advice.

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plant based menopause

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

Seek a plant-based dietitian’s help for preventing and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiency.

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