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Martina is available to support you in enhancing your dietary habits, whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based eating regimen.

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About Martina De Bonis, Online Vegan RD


  • Became vegan in 2018
  • Speaks French and English and is located in Quebec
  • Martina offers online consultations throughout Quebec
  • Licensed to practice in Quebec: ODNQ,#7989
  • Provides insurance receipts at the end of each meeting for dietitian and nutritionist services
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, University of Laval
  • Focused on vegetarian/vegan/plant-based diets
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Insights Into Past and Present Experience:

Weight Loss: Martina offers tailored approaches, delivering accessible advice along with simple, tasty, and nourishing recipes crafted to seamlessly aid you in achieving your weight loss objectives on your journey.

Balanced Diet: Leveraging six years of personal vegan experience and professional credentials as a plant-based dietitian, Martina provides holistic nutrition services focused on creating well-rounded, nourishing meals. Offering personalized meal plans and valuable nutritional guidance, Martina empowers individuals to attain peak health, whether facilitating the transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet or refining existing dietary preferences.

Sports Nutrition: Martina adopts a holistic approach customized to meet the distinct dietary requirements of athletes. With a fervent enthusiasm for a range of sports including hiking, weightlifting, and rollerblading, she enables individuals to elevate their endurance, strength, and recovery using plant-based nutrition. By ensuring athletes have access to optimal fuel, Martina helps them maximize their performance potential and accomplish their athletic aspirations.

Eating Disorders: Martina draws from her own experience of nearly facing an eating disorder during her adolescence to provide support in developing a healthy and fulfilling connection with food. She addresses patterns of disordered eating and promotes body acceptance through evidence-based methods, compassionate encouragement, and continuous assistance. Martina’s goal is to empower individuals to mend their relationship with food, nurture self-compassion, and embark on a path toward sustainable recovery and enduring well-being.

IBS & Digestive Problems: Having navigated and effectively managed her own digestive issues, Martina has acquired firsthand knowledge of consuming balanced, whole plant-based meals that are also gluten-free. Drawing from her personal journey and professional acumen, she offers compassionate guidance and evidence-backed strategies to alleviate symptoms, enhance gut health, and establish equilibrium through plant-based nutrition. Martina is dedicated to supporting others in achieving digestive wellness and overall well-being through mindful dietary choices.

Pregnancy & Lactation: Leveraging a profound grasp of plant-based nutrition and the special dietary needs during pregnancy and lactation, Martina provides expert advice and straightforward strategies to promote optimal health for both mother and baby. She enables individuals to nourish themselves and their expanding families with assurance, kindness, and vigor throughout the transformative stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Martina’s goal is to empower expectant and nursing parents to navigate this journey with confidence and vitality.

Toddler/Child/Adolescent Nutrition: Utilizing her extensive knowledge of plant-based nutrition and child development, Martina delivers thorough nutrition services designed specifically to meet the distinct dietary requirements of toddlers and children. She shares practical advice on introducing new foods and managing picky eating tendencies, aiming to instill healthy eating habits and foster a positive connection with food in young ones. Martina’s guidance empowers parents to navigate their children’s nutritional needs with confidence and promote their overall well-being.

Intuitive Eating: Since embracing intuitive eating, Martina has undergone a profound shift in her outlook on nutrition, achieving harmony between maintaining a nutritious diet and fostering a positive relationship with food. Guiding individuals to rediscover their body’s innate hunger and fullness signals, she assists them in cultivating a healthy rapport with food and liberating themselves from the constraints of restrictive dieting patterns. Martina’s approach empowers individuals to embrace a balanced and sustainable approach to eating, promoting both physical and emotional well-being.

Martina's Story

What Inspired Martina to Become a Dietitian & Plant Based

Motivation to Become a Dietitian:

Becoming a dietitian was a natural progression for me, driven by my dual passions for nutrition and supporting others in leading healthier lives. From a young age, I’ve always had a fondness for cooking, and when I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle, I had to hone my skills in crafting healthy, balanced meals due to limited options in my small town. Experiencing firsthand the transformative effects of food on health, I felt compelled to pursue a career that would allow me to merge my love for nutrition with my aspiration to enact positive change. As a dietitian, my goal is to equip individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed dietary decisions, guiding them toward optimal health and well-being through the principles of plant-based nutrition.

Motivation to Become Plant Based:

As both an animal advocate and a Registered Dietitian, my journey toward veganism has been deeply influenced by compassion. Recognizing the ethical considerations and acknowledging the ability to thrive without animal products, I’ve made a conscious and compassionate choice to prioritize plant-based foods. In addition to ethical concerns, sustainability plays a significant role in shaping my dietary choices. By embracing a plant-centered diet, I not only reduce my environmental footprint but also enjoy a plethora of health advantages, including a decreased risk of chronic illnesses.

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