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Take advantage of online Zoom meetings with our Plant-Based & Vegan Nutritionist, offering services throughout Houston and across Texas.

Plant Based Telehealth in Houston

Gain healthy habits easily with our nutritionist! We extend friendly advice through plant-based telehealth for Houston and Texas, focusing on wholesome, plant-rich diets. Whether you’re new or seeking new insights, our plant-based nutritionists are here to help you harness the power of plants!

Vegan or Plant-Based diet

Obtain tailored advice to enhance your vegan or plant-based diet. Arrange a consultation with a vegan/plant-based nutritionist for Houston and you could be scheduled as soon as a week.

Vegetarian Diet

Incorporate lasting changes to your vegetarian diet. Receive customized recommendations from a vegetarian nutritionist in Houston to conserve your time and energy. Feel your best, in less time!

Transition to Plant-Powered Nutrition

Sustain your commitment and enthusiasm during your transition with the support of a plant-based nutritionist.

Plant-Based Telehealth services offered

Vegan nutritionist consultations for Houston, Texas

Book an Online Consultation Based on Your Needs

Initial Prices

Initial Assessment (1h)


  • Setting expectations & goals
  • Analysis of your medical history (required)
  • Analysis of intake
  • Building a strategy
  • Practical tips, recommendations & recipes
  • Answering any questions
  • Personalized meal plan or menu
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Initial Assessment + Meal Plan (2hrs)


  • Setting expectations & goals
  • Analysis of your medical history (required)
  • Analysis of intake
  • Building a strategy
  • Practical tips, recommendations & recipes
  • Answering any questions
  • Personalized meal plan or menu
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Packages (2hrs+)


  • Customizable Packages
  • Package can be determined in initial assessment
  • Hours and half-hours available
  • 5% discount on 4 sessions
  • 10% discount on 8 sessions
  • 15% discount on 12 sessions
  • 20% discount on 16 sessions
  • Payment plan available
  • Sessions expire within a year
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After the initial assessment

Follow up prices

Follow ups (1h)


Identify what needs modification

Meal plan creation or adjustment

New subjects – See service pages

Set goals for the coming week(s)

Follow ups (30 min)


Identify what needs modification

Meal plan adjustments

New subjects – See service pages

Set goals for the coming week(s)


Our Plant-Based Nutritionist team for Houston

Ashely Fitzgerald

USA Plant-Based Dietitian
Houston vegan dieticians and nutritionists

How to start with a vegan dietician?

Select between:

  1.  Schedule an Initial Consultation: Check out the services and fees/packages and view open times to book a session directly with the plant-based nutritionist of your choice.
  2.  Book a Free Discovery Call: Book a free 20-minute phone or Zoom discovery call with your potential Houston plant-based nutritionist.
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Our favourite plant-based and vegan restaurants in Houston, Texas

Cascabel: Inviting spot with a charming garden courtyard where you can enjoy delightful vegan Mexican dishes like tacos & tamales.

Address:  1415 Murray Bay St (at Gessner & Longpoint), Houston, Texas

Govinda’s: This spacious dining place, adorned with beautiful hand-painted murals, offers a friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy a variety of vegetarian Indian dishes from our buffet.

Address: 1320 W 34th St (at Iskcon temple), Houston, Texas

Veegos: Welcoming and laid-back, this industrial, counter-serve spot is adorned with vibrant murals and serves up delicious plant-based Mexican creations.

Address: 10932 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Texas

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Cuisine: Friendly and uncomplicated, this restaurant serves a variety of vegan Asian delights, including flavorful soups, noodles, and sushi.

Address: 6128 Wilcrest Dr, Houston, Texas

Trendy Vegan: Cozy café offering delightful vegan dishes in a cheerful and brightly lit dining area, adorned with vibrant murals.

Address: 3821 Richmond Ave, Houston, Texas

vegan nutritionist huston texas
vegan nutritionist huston texas
Plant-powered nutrition

Events and resources related to veganism in Houston, Texas

Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E.

Description: Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E. (People for the Earth, Animals, Compassion & Enlightenment) is an independent community organization which promotes veganism in the Houston area.

Houston Vegan Awards

Description: The Houston Vegan Awards celebrate the best of the city’s vegan scene, including restaurants, businesses, and individuals who are doing great things veganism. It’s very fun to realize how many cool things are happening in your city!

Vegan Rodeo

Description: Vegan Rodeo is an event in Houston where you get to discover vegan food and products.

Vegandale Food Drink Festival

Description: Vegandale Food Drink Festival is a multi-city vegan festival that has been held in Houston in the past. Check their website for updates on future events.

VegFest Houston

Description: VegFest Houston is an annual vegan festival featuring vegan food, products, and talks by experts in the vegan lifestyle.

Houston Vegan Mini Mart

Description: Houston Vegan Mini Mart is a vegan grocery store in Houston, Texas, that may host events or pop-ups.

Vegan State Fair

Description: Vegan State Fair is a fun event that showcases vegan food, products, and more. Our team of vegan dietitians love this event!

Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E. Vegan 2nd Saturdays

Description: Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E. hosts Vegan 2nd Saturdays, which is a monthly event that includes a vegan potluck, meeting, and video screening.

Houston Vegan Meetup

Description: Houston Vegan Meetup is a group where you can meet other vegans in the Houston area and attend vegan events.


Vegan and Plant Based Nutritionist Houston

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a registered dietitian or a nutritionist in Houston?

    Yes! Ashley is a Texas-licensed plant-based registered dietitian and nutritionist, and is ready to serve the city of Houston.


  • What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?



    • The term “nutritionist” is relatively lax.
    • While some nutritionists hold college degrees in nutrition science, others may not have extensive formal education in the field.
    • In certain areas, the title of nutritionist is accessible to anyone, regardless of their level of education or professional training.

    Every one of our team members offering plant-based telehealth services is federally accredited as a registered dietitian, having fulfilled rigorous educational requirements and successfully aced their CDR exams.

  • Do you do in-person consultations in Houston, Texas?

    Regrettably, currently, we can only provide online consultations, and this is strictly through Zoom. This choice stems from the reality that our clients who are in pursuit of plant-based advice constitute a minor segment. Our primary goal is to broaden our support to a more diverse group of people throughout Texas, concentrating specifically on plant-based nutrition.

  • Do you provide dietitian insurance receipts for the services offered in Houston Texas?

    Our Texas-registered dietitian and nutritionist Ashley can issue “superbills”. However, we do not offer direct billing, so please check with your insurance providers whether her services are covered. If you would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us here.

  • When can I commence consultations with my Plant-Based Dietitian/nutritionist?

    We usually start working together within a week! Whether you’d like a discovery call for personalized advice or prefer to book an appointment with your dietitian right away, please visit our Contact Us here. We’re here to make your journey to better plant-based nutrition and well-being as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

  • How many online consultations do I need with my vegan nutritionist?

    Let’s chat about your goals and figure out a plan together! Whether it’s a few sessions or regular catch-ups, we’re here for you.

    Start with a friendly discovery call, and we’ll tailor everything to fit your unique needs. Can’t wait to meet you!

  • In Houston, Texas, what is the difference between a vegan doctor and a vegan nutritionist?

    A vegan doctor can prescribe blood work, make diagnoses, prescribe medication, and recommend high doses of supplements in cases of serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as B12, vitamin D, and iron.

    On the other hand, a vegan nutritionist will work with you to alter your eating patterns and enhance your diet to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies. They will work on your habits around food to prevent or reverse chronic disease.

    Furthermore, the dietitian has the ability to analyze your other vitamin and mineral requirements and ensure they are being met. For example, iodine, omega-3, calcium, magnesium, and zinc are all at risk of being lower if you follow a plant-based diet.

    The dietitian will be able to determine if you are getting enough based on your eating habits and provide you with practical tips to meet your needs.

  • Should I see plant-based doctors or plant-based nutritionists?

    If you are seeking guidance on altering your plant-based diet, plant-based nutritionists and dietitians are the ideal professionals to assist you.

    If you are aiming to obtain a diagnosis for a medical condition, blood work, or a medication prescription, you should consult plant-based doctors.

  • Is plant-based telehealth as effective as seeing a plant-based nutritionist in person?

    Absolutely, plant-based telehealth is as effective as seeing a plant-based nutritionist in person.

    We would even argue that plant-based telehealth is better. Our company, Plant-Based Dietitians Ltd, works exclusively online because it allows individuals to reduce transit time to get to meetings, and it also allows the client to be at home and show what foods, supplements, dishware, and other valuable things that impact your dietary habits.

    Furthermore, many of our clients appreciate that they can do their call with their dietitian at work during a break, allowing their nights to be free for other activities

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