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About Emily Perryman, RDN

Emily has been vegetarian since 1997 and vegan since 2015

  • Masters of Science in Food and Nutrition from Saint Elizabeth University in 2014
  • Plant-Based Prevention of Disease Conference attendee: 2020-2024
  • Plant-Based Registered Dietitian
  • License to practice as a Registered Dietitian in:
    • Maryland: DX3869
  • Not a licensed registered dietitian in the following states but can provide virtual Zoom sessions as a nutrition expert in these states that do not have “practice exclusivity” dietitian regulations: Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, California, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and Arizona.
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Emily’s Expertise and Specialties:

Vegetarian or Vegan Weight Loss: Having personally experienced a 35-pound weight loss when she switched to a vegan diet, Emily is passionate about providing personalized guidance along with resources to help clients achieve their desired weight. Through her compassionate approach, Emily has helped many individuals lose weight in a healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable manner.

Balanced Vegetarian or Vegan Diet: Having transitioned to a vegan diet in 2015, Emily has a wealth of experience personally following a balanced vegan diet as well as helping others on their journeys to eat more plants, transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet, or maintain this way of eating. Through partnerships with a plant-based organization in Baltimore and with a vegan B & B and animal sanctuary in NY, Emily has led numerous cooking classes, workshops, and wellness challenges focused on a balanced vegan diet.

Sports Nutrition: As a former soccer and basketball player and outdoor activity enthusiast, Emily draws from personal experience powering her active pursuits with plants to optimize her athletic performance.  She has helped athletes and active individuals improve their athletic performance, endurance, and overall health by providing personalized guidance and support wherever they are on their plant-powered journey.

Eating Disorder Recovery: Having personally struggled with orthorexia, Emily understands the importance of a supportive environment in recovering from eating disorders and repairing one’s relationship with food. As an empath, Emily is attuned to the needs and emotions of others, helping clients feel more at ease and empowered to continue on their healing journeys.

IBS & Digestion: Leveraging her experience working with individuals with IBS and other digestive disorders, Emily provides personalized guidance to clients to help uncover the root causes of their symptoms. Emily understands the constraints that these conditions can have on an individual’s quality of life which fuels her passion to share tools and provide support to help clients improve their GI health and overall wellbeing.

Pregnancy: By providing a supportive environment, Emily provides the opportunity for moms-to-be and breastfeeding moms to share their challenges, concerns, and triumphs. Emily provides customized support to help expecting moms and those that are breastfeeding ensure they are meeting their nutritional needs to optimize the health and wellbeing of her and her baby. 

Toddler/Child/Adolescent Nutrition: Having been introduced to a healthy way of eating at a fairly young age, Emily is passionate about helping young clients to do the same so they can enjoy a lifetime of optimal health and wellbeing.  As a lover of cooking and baking, Emily enjoys sharing recipes, tips, and/or kitchen creations with friends, clients, and their young ones to help make meal and snack time more enjoyable for all.

Intuitive Eating: As a plant-based dietitian, Emily has developed skills in intuitive eating principles that helps enable clients to establish a more healthful relationship with food and their body. Emily strives to continue to work on integrating intuitive eating practices into her life, and is passionate about helping others to do the same. With her support, Emily helps empower clients to develop a more mindful approach to eating that promotes health and is aligned with one’s values.

Chronic Condition Management: Emily has helped many individuals prevent, manage and often reverse diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension through plant-based nutrition and other healthy lifestyle practices. Emily is well-versed in these lifestyle practices, strives to make them a priority, and is passionate about empowering others to consider adopting them to achieve optimal health. 

Emily's Story

What Inspired Emily to Become a Dietitian and Plant Based

“As a child engaged in sports, I became curious about how food influenced my energy, athletic prowess, and overall well-being. Transitioning to healthier eating habits during college, I noticed significant improvements in my athletic performance and energy levels, prompting me to share my experiences with teammates. This led me to realize my passion for imparting nutritional knowledge and delving into dietary information to address inquiries. Recognizing my desire to positively influence others’ health and happiness, I found a perfect match in pursuing a career as a Dietitian, fueled by my love for nutrition and cooking.”

“At 11 years old, I transitioned to a vegetarian diet after a teacher, aware of my affinity for animals, introduced me to the concept of abstaining from consuming them. In 2015, upon learning about the practices within the dairy industry, I embraced a vegan lifestyle. This decision, rooted in compassion for all beings and the environment, has not only brought me numerous health benefits but also resonates deeply with my values. Recognizing the importance of health as a precious gift, I further refined my dietary choices by adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet shortly after transitioning to veganism.”

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